Land Diver journeys will explore very deeply into your destination. There you can learn, learn about culture, people, religion, explore every corner from the city to the vast nature and even make friends with strangers.

Local Experience

For Trek, experiential travel is not only measured by the stamps in your passport or the number of kilometers you conquer after each journey, but also by the experiences and memories you bring. Local experiences are something you cannot buy with money, creating a memorable trip that leaves the best of emotions. Travel is a way to get out of ourselves, from a familiar environment, to experience a new land, with the people and cultures of the locality we go to. Trek does not have boring buses to take you around or fixed dishes at restaurants. All experiences prioritize pure local values in that country.

Trek’s journey is tailor-made to take you away from your everyday life, take you away from your tech, open up a new perspective of the world, and enjoy a moment of privacy for yourself. Sip a cup of coffee, dive in the cool water, have a sleep under the starry sky, watch thousands of sky lights be released at the same time, … Trek hopes that these moments will bring you the best personal experience for you.

With the desire to help you capture the experiences of each trip, Trek’s schedule has been carefully designed so that your day is filled with new moments, and Trek calls it FIRST TIME. Traveling with a motorbike on your country roads, diving on the ocean floor to discover the mystery, trekking through the night into the heart of a legendary volcano or camping on a deserted island, … are your most memorable “first”. According to Trek, the only thing that cannot change is the destination, but every exciting experience will always happen.

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