When the wind of lucky pig brings a bit of cold, interwoven between a bit of sweet late-autumn sunshine is also the time when the pure white cabbage fields in the Moc Chau plateau begin to bloom and bloom. The magnificent beauty of those white broccoli has turned Moc Chau Tourism into a beautiful, tender, charming, magical wonderland, urging passionate followers to fly and jump. Street.

At what time does Moc Chau white cabbage flower season take place?

Cauliflower flowers in Moc Chau bloom all year round, but are most blooming from late October, November and December. Therefore, at the end of October, when the weather is cold, autumn sunshine is creeping through the branches and leaves, visitors will come to Moc Chau Tourism to enjoy the white cauliflower season in the vast steppe.

Cauliflower flowers are planted here by people covering the hills, and fields from valley to valley. From October to December, Moc Chau is as beautiful as a green steppe painting in a fairytale, pristine and romantic place. That is why the moving love legs often say that if traveling to Moc Chau but has never seen the cauliflower flowers, the trip is considered incomplete.

Moc Chau turns into a wonderland in the white mustard flower season

Each season of cauliflower flowers, Moc Chau Plateau turns to a wonderland with canola flowers covering an entire hill, stretching from valley to mountain foot. Throughout the immense space, immense is covered with a pristine white of mustard flowers like the white snow appearing in fairy tales.

Cauliflower flowers are grown everywhere in Moc Chau. Standing anywhere, from under your feet to the top of the hill, the white cabbage carpets the eye … Standing in the middle of a carpet of pure white flowers, gently fragrant with no starting point can not see the end, No people, no house, no noise, only friends with flowers, with the wind, with the clouds and the sky, that feeling of great enjoyment. The soul is soaring in the fairyland, the soul is light, all the worries, fatigue, and daily noise seem to disappear, leaving only relaxation and peace.

To fully enjoy the quintessence of the earth and sky in the Moc Chau cauliflower season, you should look to the heavens such as: Village, Moc Chau Farm town, Na Ka valley, Ang pine forest, Pa Phach village …

If Ban Dwarf attracts tourists thanks to the romance of a green and green steppe like in Korean films; Moc Chau Farm town, especially Bo Bun village, has a mustard garden located near the Muong ethnic culture, very convenient for the “gods” to explore the ethnic culture here. The autumn of Na Ka valley is also covered with beautiful white cauliflower flowers. Equally famous is the area behind Ang village pine forest, where dozens of hectares of white canola flowers bloom, covering the fields and hillsides, leaving only gaps left as small trails. Meanwhile, Pa Phach village is known as “the mustard flower paradise”, with long white cauliflower fields.

In particular, when traveling to Moc Chau in the white cauliflower season, you can also feel the beauty of the tiny white plum blossoms, or the brilliant yellow wildflowers and alternating with poinsettia flowers blooming along the road. in villages and farms. Coming to Moc Chau in the white cauliflower season, do not forget to explore other unique destinations such as Hang Doi, Dai Yem waterfall and “specialty” green tea hills.

The beauty of Moc Chau cauliflower flowers is gentle, elegant and pure like this highland girl, making long-distance travelers do not want to leave.

Special culinary dishes must be enjoyed when traveling to Moc Chau

Calabash is the most attractive dish to enjoy in the white cauliflower season in the Moc Chau plateau. The meat of calves was born within 7 days of age, only breastmilk was cut into lead pieces, marinated with lemongrass, ginger, and spices and then quickly passed through boiling oil on the fire. Enjoy the delicious hot soya veal with crispy skin, soft and sweet meat in the chilly weather of the plateau with raw vegetables and a glass of cider … the taste is round, rich, unforgettable.

The next delicious dish is fried or grilled Moc Chau fish, made from spring fish with round mouth and small body, like a finger sandwiched on a bamboo stick grilled on an embers stove, or deep fried. . The fish is fragrant, the meat is golden and sweet, and the fish sauce is eaten with both the head and the crispy bones.

The grilled chicken dish is equally attractive to Moc Chau. Hill chickens run freely to pick up gravel and rocks on the plateau and have sweet meat and must be seasoned by Thai people, including cocoon, eaten with rustic white rice or sticky white sticky rice.

Coming to Moc Chau, you also have the opportunity to enjoy farmed salmon with many attractive dishes such as salad, grilled, deep fried, smoked, hot pot or porridge. Equally unique is the crunchy buffalo leather mannequin, eat it forever, not bored. Especially, if you enjoy Moc Chau snakehead fish vermicelli, you will have to remember it forever. The snakehead fish noodle dish here is eaten with acrid, sour, crispy salt figs nowhere to be.

In particular, products made from cow’s milk, goat’s milk such as fresh milk, yogurt, whey, milk cake … are indispensable desserts that cannot be refused to go to Moc Chau during the white cauliflower season.