The second epidemic broke out, the tourism industry was almost paralyzed, and when the destinations caused a lot of insecurity, the forest trekking tour became the optimal choice. Ta Nang – Phan Dung is the most popular one in Vietnam today. Not out of the influence of Covid-19, these days, the most beautiful pedestrian street in Vietnam is also becoming more airy and romantic because of its reduced load. a week, but now is different. Although August is the best time to explore the road, currently the number of tourists and some services are limited.Ta Nang – Phan Dung is a road longer than 50km in the territory of three provinces of Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan. and Binh Thuan. The diverse vegetation, majestic scenery, moderate difficulty, this road is suitable for trekking for many ages.Phia Ta Nang is a beautiful road, the trees grow on both sides of the road, the slope is not too high. On the Phan Dung side (down the Yavly waterfall), the road is quite slippery, zigzag, many slopes, mainly pine trees. At the top of Ta Nang, the fog falls quite thick and fast at night, the wind is especially strong in the middle of the night.

Climb the slope

Usually this road will depart from Ta Nang (Lam Dong) with grasslands “inviting” players. Working together to conquer the spirit of conquering the challenge of the most beautiful walking path in Vietnam is an indispensable ritual. Behind the riders is a tens of kilometers long road with majestic natural scenery waiting for … Do not be too foolish to be overconfident when going without an experienced guide.

Climb slope 2
Climb slope 2

On the way, tourists often catch indigenous people going to the forest. The people here have also gradually become accustomed to the presence of tourists, so always give local “specialties” to visitors, which is a smile.

The first challenge showed the spiritual value of the teammates

The first stop, new riders see the value of shoes in the jungle and it is important to wear the right shoes for good grip. In the photo, the shoe is glued and the player has to use a fastener to fix the sole, rotate the knot down to support the shoe.

Our guide is showing you how to stack rocks to move through shallow streams.

The first challenge is gentle with a 30-degree slope.

The first reward for the Ta Nang street for the adventurers is the green scene that appears before the eyes.

For a long time, this road was afraid of the connection and communication between the children of the high mountains and the children of the sea. During the journey, there will be many times when you will fall into a state of extreme excitement, heart like stopping beating, shaking limbs, O-eyes, A-mouth and just want to scream “Wow, so beautiful! ”

There are many horizontal trails in Ta Nang and Phan Dung. In which, two popular routes for those who are passionate about traveling are the Doi Soldier route (2 days 1 night) with an average distance of 35 km and the Yavly waterfall route (3 days 2 nights) with a total average length. 45 Km average.

You are forced to take the next step for two reasons:

If you don’t, you will never come.
Worthy rewards await you on the top of the slope.

For urban residents – who are used to working 8 hours a day, have a car on the street, exercise or jog for about 5km – a day of walking more than a dozen kilometers up the hill and downhill is “utopian” story

“Coming soon” will definitely be the most used question and probably also heard the most during the journey.

Le steps to conquer a 45-degree slope, more than 600m long to end the first day, preparing to camp.


Camping on two pine trees hill is a great experience for backpackers. This program is interesting as a gift to recognize Mother Nature’s ability to conquer challenges for the adventurers. The local support team is on hand to prepare food.Enjoy the joy of conquering the first 18 km.


Losing more effort up the slope, requiring concentration, knee pain, not wide shoes, toe pain … is the challenge that the athletes must overcome when downhill.

The first stop to rest when descending a few slopes, at this time the mist has not melted yet, so the adventurers also forget the fatigue, bewildered to watch the wind of Phan Dung.

More than 10 km down many slopes and the temperature is also getting hotter, Mother Nature bestows the experience of soaking exhausted legs in the cool stream.

No more eye-catching grass hills, the way down is a welcome of the grassland on both sides of the trail.

There is no telephone signal, except for walkie-talkies, groups are in contact with each other with the leave symbol.

Source: According to Dan Tri newspaper