In the flooding season, Western tourism wears a charming, rustic but charming layer that makes enthusiasts discovering passionately. In the West, discover the flooding season immediately and always The flood season (the flood season of the Mekong River) is a natural flooding phenomenon, characteristic of the lower Mekong Delta including the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, the sea. Lake and Tonle Sap in Cambodia.

However, with Western tourism and people in this river region, the flood season is not a natural disaster, but is a favor of nature endowed with fertile alluvium, products, fish, shrimp, fruit. ..The most ideal time to travel to the West from late September to December. If you do not want to miss it, you should plan now and always.

The most special destinations of Western tourism

Traveling to the West in the flooding season, Tra Su can not be missed. This place is covered by a separate green color with straight rows of melaleuca trees, under the water is a layer of green bran which is so peaceful and gentle. In Tra Su Melaleuca Forest, you will experience moving on a small boat, swinging the water to move gently among the quiet cajuput trees, watching the crazy golden flowers or enjoying admiration. the sight of a flock of white birds on a tree …

Villa of Prince Bac Lieu

Equally impressive is the villa of Prince Bac Lieu built in 1919 by a French architect designed. This was the most beautiful house in Southern Vietnam at that time. Although a hundred years have passed, the house still retains the inherent elegance and luxury of Tran Gia.

Dasher's house in Bac Lieu
Dasher’s house in Bac Lieu

Meanwhile, Doi pagoda (or Ma Toc pagoda, Mahatup pagoda, in Soc Trang), one of the oldest temples in Soc Trang, has a mysterious look with bats hanging all over the trees in the temple grounds. .

Ca Mau is sacred

Ca Mau cape is too sacred. At the southernmost end of the country on the mainland, you can not only touch the national landmark and admire the symbol of Ca Mau Cape but also explore the rich mangrove ecosystem. Diversity. This is also the only place in the country where you can watch the sun rise in the East Sea and set on the West Coast.

As one of the three largest floating markets in the southwestern region, Cai Rang Floating Market (Can Tho) is the most famous and also the most attractive destination in the West during the flooding season. With hundreds of boats trading day and night, Cai Rang is a place that gives visitors the opportunity to learn and explore the western river tourism culture of Can Tho people on the gentle Hau river.

In particular, there are many tourists traveling to the West in the flooding season just to visit the sacred and mystical Ba Chua Xu Temple in Chau Doc (An Giang). The holiness, magic, the architecture, the wide and beautiful landscape have made more than 3 million Buddhists from all over the country flock to pilgrimage, worship for peace, luck, fortune at Ba Chua Xu shrine every year.

Multi-color cuisine of the West in the flood season

In the flooding season, crazy flowers bloom in the West, so you will enjoy a lot of delicious dishes with these ingredients. The best is the classic Ganoderma fish hotpot. Round, fresh fatty fish with luscious vegetables and crazy cotton create a sweet, fragrant aroma and extremely eye-catching.

  1. The classic cotton pancake is delicious and strange with the greasy taste of coconut milk, bacon, shrimp, and delicious cotton, combined with the blade of rice, mango, crispy.
  2. Braised fish and pineapple is also one of the specialties that should not be missed in the West during the flooding season. The fatty, sweet, and delicious taste of fish mingled with the sour and sour taste of pineapple and fragrant white rice awoke all senses.
  3. Water lilies are also quite popular in the western flood season. In it, the fragrant fish sauce warehouse is delicious, enchanting all the most demanding diners with the spicy taste of chili, lemongrass, sweet and fat taste of shrimp, crispy folk lilies that are unforgettable.
  4. Grilled hamster is also a famous specialty of the West of the flood season. The meat of rats is fatty due to eating seasoned rice, grilled in a lukewarm hour, sweet and rich, and the skin is irresistible and delicious.
  5. Braised coconut goby with green pepper in the floating season will make you want to come back to… eat more. The flesh of the fish is firm, golden, and fragrant with the scent of green pepper served with delicious white rice.