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Orange Hat Commander


Trek Lead is not like a guide, nor is it a companion to serve. At Trek, Trek Lead is a companion, supporting, connecting, inspiring, sharing their own experiences, special information and interesting stories about the destination. team members.

Trải Ngiệm Tiết Kiệm

Travel is a way to get out of ourselves, from a familiar environment, to experience a new land, with the people and cultures of the locality we go to. IGo does not have a boring bus to take you around or fixed dishes at the restaurant. All experiences prioritize pure local values in that country.

Local food


Because of the dust travel experience, all trips of IGo will not include food costs. Instead, IGo lead will lead people to local dining areas with unique dishes and affordable prices so that everyone can order according to their preferences and ration, everyone will experience the right experience. like a native.

Không Shoping

All schedules are designed by Trek and accompanied by Trek Lead with the team, do not buy local package tours (land tours), so throughout the journey there is absolutely no shopping at tourist destinations.

Cam kết du lịch có trách nhiệm

Traveling is not only about discovering new things, but also about preserving the diversity of the world and connecting people. Empowering to spread the wave of responsible travel around the world, when traveling with Trek you will be instructed on ways to protect your destination, in parallel, with enjoying local experiences and together We join hands to protect the destination.

Best team


Not only experiencing alone or with a familiar close friend, going with IGo you will get acquainted and make friends with people with the same “frequency” of passion for moving, extremely muddy and extremely playful, maybe even The team will be close friends after that!

Bạn chưa biết đi đâu

You are not a connoisseur of traveling to an unfamiliar country, much less a professional ticket hunter, and you are so busy that preparing your vehicle, travel insurance, schedule overseas travel. Should be too complicated and difficult? Trek Tripplanning is here to help you!
Just tell Trek your plans, and let Trek take care of it. From detailed schedules, airline tickets, hotels, … Trek will help you prepare!

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